"Eager ears"

Summertime —it's my favorite time of the year! When I was little, my mom and dad would allow my sister and me to play with the neighborhood children until dark, which most nights was past my school-year bedtime. It would never fail—just before it was time to go inside for our baths, we would hear the sound of the ice cream truck bells—clang! clang! clang!—telling us that a delicious treat was just moments away. My mom would give us money to buy some ice cream before the truck passed us by on our street. All summer long, we would listen for those bells, expecting something good to come our way when we heard them.

I've learned I can expect satisfying answers from God when I pray, just as I could expect to enjoy a treat when I heard the ice cream truck's bells in the summer. I learned in the Sunday School that another name for God is Mind, and that I am Mind's idea, or reflection. As Mind's reflection, I can expect to know only what Mind knows. Because Mind's thoughts are only good, the only true thoughts I can have must be good.

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