A doctor's insights on Christian healing: an interview with Dr. William S. Reed

Part two

For the past half century, Dr. William Reed, a physician and surgeon, has been devoted to a unique mission: helping to close the gap between the medical world and Christian healing. In his books and numerous lectures around the world, he offers a moving plea for the understanding and fulfillment of the spiritual needs of a patient. Through the Christian Medical Foundation in Tampa, Florida, which he founded in 1962, he brings together thousands of doctors and nurses who want to integrate Christian prayer into their medical practice.

Dr. Reed writes that society desperately needs "a new medicine for the future which has as its central theme a greater orientation of both doctor and patient toward God through Jesus Christ and through the Holy Spirit. ... People must hear the truth that 'Jesus heals today.' ... Christian physicians ... should tell their patients that 'we may appear to be healers, but it is God who makes the sick whole' " (Surgery of the Soul: Healing the Whole Person—Spirit, Mind and Body). Surgery of the Soul (Tampa, Florida: Christian Medical Foundation International, Inc., 1995) .

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July 1, 1996

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