For some time I have had a desire to write a testimony for our...

For some time I have had a desire to write a testimony for our periodicals that would tell of some marvelous healing of a physical condition. But nothing appeared in my experience that answered this description. The few minor physical difficulties that have tried to put in an appearance have faded when I did not approach them as though they were something real that I had to work to get rid of! Symptoms are temptations to believe that evil, in any form, can exist anywhere. If one has never lapsed from harmony, he has no need to return to it—he can't. Obviously I cannot return to my home tonight if I am not going to leave it today! I can't return because I never left!

Along those lines, I had a simple and quick healing some years ago of pain so extreme in one leg that I was completely incapacitated. My husband and I had returned from a trip. There was a stack of mail, including an assortment of Christian Science magazines. Since I couldn't walk or move about easily, I sat down to sort the mail and read through the Christian Science literature while my husband unloaded the car.

July 1, 1996

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