God will save this city

Imagine a ruthless, well-equipped army has devastated most of the countryside and cities, and now the capital is under siege. Since the city is surrounded, shortages of food and supplies are an additional threat to those trapped inside. There is no immediate help available, and it seems that the only other country with enough might is far away and unwilling to help. The attacking forces are also using psychological warfare in an effort to break the morale of the people. They continually communicate to the trapped people that there is no help coming to them and that their position is hopeless.

All of us can think of cities or nations that have seemed isolated in this way. Some, like Sarajevo, have been cut off through war. Others have experienced terrorism. For some, disasters such as earthquakes have made portions of a city difficult to reach. For large urban areas the enemy may be drugs or crime, which can devastate neighborhoods, leaving people feeling besieged.

Indignity isn't man's true status
July 1, 1996

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