An early recruiter for the Cause of Christian Science spoke these words, "I knew that the qualities of thought required by our Leader in her helpers included love, orderliness, promptness, alertness, accuracy, truthfulness, fidelity, consecration, and humility." In speaking with Mrs. Eddy about helpers the recruiter said, "I am looking for a quality of thought that reflects the great revelation you have given to the world" (We Knew Mary Baker Eddy, p. 172).

Could any of these words be referring to you? The Mother Church has need for workers fitting this description to become a part of history in the making. To find out more about the employment opportunities at The Mother Church, please call 1–800–288–7155, ext. 3860, or ask to speak directly to a Personnel Representative. From outside North America call 617–450–3860.

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March 11, 1996

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