Living in the country, I have had many experiences enabling...

Living in the country, I have had many experiences enabling me to use my knowledge of Christian Science while traveling to and from church. People would often remark, "You mean you go that far to church?" As I was driving to town one day and snow was blowing across the road, the suggestion came, "It is a long way to go to church." Then immediately a verse from Genesis that I read in the Bible Lesson (found in the Christian Science Quarterly) that week, came to mind. Jacob had gone to his uncle's place to escape his brother's anger. There he met Rachel, and the Bible reads, "And Jacob served seven years for Rachel; and they seemed unto him but a few days, for the love he had to her" (29:20). Then I thought, what is forty-five miles if my love for God and church is great enough? Since that time going to, and serving in, church has been a greater blessing, and it hasn't been a burden.

Once when I was serving as First Reader, I had prepared readings as usual for the Wednesday evening testimony meeting. The first part of the week, I'd had symptoms of a slight cold, which I hadn't experienced for years. But since it was only a little cough or sneeze now and then, I didn't do any specific praying. On Wednesday night I was able to read without a sneeze or cough, but by the time I reached home after the service and got ready for bed, I could hardly swallow. I was praying and talking to God, or I guess I was really "complaining" to Him. I said, "I worked diligently to prepare those readings and now I can't swallow!"

Testimony of Healing
From the time I was very young, my family was accustomed to...
March 11, 1996

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