My gratitude for Christian Science is boundless! I love this...

My gratitude for Christian Science is boundless! I love this wonderful, healing, and practical religion that provides us with solutions to all of our ills. I would specifically like to express my gratitude for a healing I witnessed in the summer of 1993 that showed me once again that apparently physical ills are actually the manifestation of mortal thoughts, and that healing comes when the erroneous thoughts are eliminated by the flooding in of divine Love, Truth.

During that summer, when the flooding in the Midwest had just begun to get serious, one of my horses became severely lame. It was immediately obvious to me that she was manifesting the signs of a foot disease called laminitis, which is also known by the name founder. When I realized what the claim was, besides being very concerned for my horse, I had two economic concerns. First of all, a friend's horse had been stricken with the same problem three months prior and was still extremely lame after literally hundreds of dollars of veterinary care. Second, the horse is one of my horse training center's most useful lesson horses. The fear of the loss of income to my business if this horse were unavailable to my assistant instructors during our busiest season troubled me.

February 5, 1996

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