Science and Health—a book for studying, for healing, for sharing

In the summer of 1989, I attended a four-day real estate seminar. The second day of the seminar, the speaker asked the audience to write down what it was that we feared or hesitated to do. I wrote down, "I hesitate to share Christian Science with non-Christian Scientists." The instructor then emphasized that we needed to overcome our fears if we expected to be truly successful in real estate or in any other endeavor in life. He then said, "This seminar is recessed for two hours in order for you to conquer the feared thing you wrote down."

After getting over my initial shock, I purchased a package of six copies of Science and Health at a local Reading Room and sought a means of handing them out. An opportunity presented itself when I saw a group of homeless men in a park. My heart started pounding as I walked up a grassy knoll with them watching my approach. As I reached the eight men, one was wielding a machete. When I saw that the knife was being used to prepare food, I felt a little more comfortable in staying. Four individuals in the group were receptive and wanted to share their ideas about God and life. I actually did very little talking, but instead learned a great deal about my fellowman. Each of the four gratefully accepted a copy of Science and Health. I departed after an hour's visit, marveling at the Christ in operation.

Religious freedom within the family
July 18, 1994

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