What is really going on?

While the physical senses may insist we're stymied, our God-given spiritual sense opens up an entirely different view.

Human experience sometimes seems to be a process of taking one step back for every two steps forward, a bit like going up a down escalator. It would seem that our progress is often dependent upon conditions outside our control; that our forward movement is inevitably subject to frustration and disappointment. Yet Christ Jesus taught, "Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgment" (John 7:24). What appears and claims to be governing our lives isn't the ultimate authority—God is. Instead of being fooled, we can turn aside from the evidence of victimization and listen in prayer to what God tells us is really going on and what it is that's really in control.

God is supreme good, as the Bible teaches, and His law of harmony and order continues uninterrupted and always available to help us. When we humbly appeal to this law, realizing it to be the actual truth of being, whatever is needed to bring human experience into line with His perfect will and purpose for us will become apparent, and the appropriate adjustment will come about.

Let's correct a misconception ...
September 27, 1993

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