There was no more pain

In the closing book of the Bible, the Apostle John reports that God revealed to him a new heaven and a new earth along with a new sense of man. The absolute authority, might, and rule of God reigned. All creation proclaimed the glory and wonder of God. And within this God-centered universe, John states that there was no more pain (see Rev., chap. 21). What is particularly evident in his account is that this is not a picture of the hereafter; his experience illustrates that this new consciousness of being is possible to men and women now. The eternal Christ continues to reveal this spiritually scientific sense of being to human consciousness today.

The logical question is, How do we become aware of this revelation of good? John gives us a clue. In the opening verses of Revelation he explains, "I was in the Spirit on the Lord's day" (1:10). We also can acknowledge that this day is the Lord's day. It is created by Him, governed by Him. He is the center of this day; and in God's day all points to Him, to His goodness, authority, and love, for all reflects God and God alone. He is the circumference of this day; all that exists, all that occurs, takes place within the boundless universe of Spirit. The Lord's day is a day in which we acknowledge our love of and fidelity to God; a day we have consecrated to His service. This is a day when God is in all our thoughts. Persistent and steadfast acknowledgment and rejoicing in the reign of God waken thought to the presence of Christ, Truth.

The Sermon on the Mount: the way to live
September 27, 1993

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