Because I was raised to study Christian Science, and had always...

Because I was raised to study Christian Science, and had always felt the closeness of God, I was blessed with freedom from disease and accident throughout my younger years. I accepted my relationship to God as natural—He was a very comfortable presence. I am so grateful for one particular experience in which God's love and provision were indisputably proved to me—"Man's extremity is God's opportunity."

A few years after marriage, my husband and I and our small baby homesteaded in the Nevada desert, seventy-five miles and two mountain passes from the nearest town. We had put an immense amount of hard work into building a cabin and developing and irrigating the land. By the middle of winter we had no income from our labor, and the time came when funds were completely depleted. There were no jobs anywhere near, and soon there was very little food on our table.

Testimony of Healing
One day a few years ago, my sister called me on the telephone
September 27, 1993

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