Self-respect and humility

Could God's child ever be unworthy of His love?

Temporary loss of self-respect can be healthy. I've said some of my best prayers at times when I'm disgusted with myself. Seeing our own shortcomings should turn us meekly to God for more grace, reinvigorate our efforts to be better, and make us more compassionate and patient with others. There's a big difference, though, between loss of self-respect as a catalyst for progress, and chronic self-condemnation, which actually obstructs progress and healing. Self-respect is normal, and necessary for spiritual development. When we lose it, we can be assured that Christly humility can always restore it.

People without self-respect may feel they already have plenty of humility! But true humility is actually much different from having a low opinion of oneself. Christ Jesus showed that genuine humility is a recognition that God is the source of all goodness and true being. It's acknowledging spiritual being—God and His creation as reality, rather than one's mortal personality, good or bad.

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