While in high school I had three healings that are still very...

While in high school I had three healings that are still very precious to me. The first was of a large lump I discovered on the back of my neck. Instead of being frightened by this condition, I was eager to demonstrate the healing power of Christian Science on my own. I didn't even tell my mother about the lump. Though I no longer remember the exact spiritual truths I studied, I know I pondered references about true substance from Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy. These refined my concept of what my real substance is—that of God, good. In a week or so the lump disappeared and I happily told my mom about my healing.

The second healing demonstrated that true intelligence comes from God, the divine Mind. I was a very good student in school and very conscientious in doing my homework. So I was rather perplexed when I received a D on my first weekly trigonometry quiz, and an F on the second. I had been spending several hours every night doing the homework for the class, even more time than was required. So I decided to change my tactics. During the next week I did my homework for class carefully and spent the rest of the allotted study time pondering the answers to three questions in the chapter from Science and Health entitled "Recapitulation": "What is intelligence?" "What is Mind?" and "What is man?" I really prayed to know that God is infinite Mind, and that I reflected Him by expressing qualities such as intelligence, precision, comprehension, and perfection. I got an A- on that week's quiz, and finished the class with a B+.

Testimony of Healing
We read in the Christian Science textbook: "Become conscious...
June 14, 1993

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