The Sentinel is meant to be shared. In a world that is increasingly hungry for spiritual meaning, the Sentinel provides vital nourishment. Here's how one of our readers shared it.Let us know of your experience in sharing the Sentinel .

While I was waiting at our county courthouse auto vehicle counter with my car-dealer son, one of the employees told me of her sister's burn-accident while burning brush in the woods, and added that she was in serious condition. I had with me a Christian Science Sentinel to read as I waited for the paperwork, and in the very back of the Sentinel I saw the whole-page picture of the little boy who depicted the message "When something scares me, I think about Daniel in the lions' den ... and then I'm not afraid anymore." I tore the page out neatly and wrote on it, to the young woman suffering from burns, to also remember Daniel and know that God who created her sustains her wholeness and healing. I gave the Sentinel page with my message written in the margin above the picture, to the employee and asked her to give my get-well wish to her sister. She read it immediately and told me nothing so sweet, wonderful, and moving could be found at the card store as a get-well message.

The Comforter and the Ten Commandments
June 14, 1993

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