The Comforter and the Ten Commandments

How we view God can determine much of how we view the Ten Commandments and how seriously we take them in relation to our daily life. Of course, how we view the Ten Commandments also has a lot to do with our concept of God.

Christ Jesus realized that love for God and the desire to obey His commandments would need to be firmly etched in the heart, soul, and mind of every disciple. Any tendency of thought to the contrary would need to be quickly and thoroughly detected, arrested, and cast out of consciousness and thereby deprived of the opportunity to take form in human experience. His own faithfulness to God's commands accounted for the astonishing success of his life and works. And now, as then, the spirit of Jesus' spiritual love and obedience infuses his teachings with the living power of Christ, Truth, to heal.

Forging new and better relationships
June 14, 1993

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