The confidence that comes from trusting God

Feeling fear and doubt? Reliance on God gives us the courage to go forward.

Self-Doubt can cripple action. You want to do something but aren't sure whether it's the right thing to do or the right time to do it, or whether you've got the strength and wisdom to carry it out. Action stalls while you weigh the pros and cons, often until either an opportunity is missed or the impulse to act is crushed under an avalanche of anxiety.

We all want to be confident, to act decisively and effectively, knowing that we're capable of meeting challenges. But if we base our confidence on merely personal strength and wisdom, we're susceptible to the pangs of self-doubt and the fear of failure that cripple action. If we base our confidence on trust in God's strength and wisdom, however, we feel a calm assurance that enables us to act decisively.

Letters to the PRESS— and other articles
March 22, 1993

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