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When traveling abroad some time ago with a friend, I had...

When traveling abroad some time ago with a friend, I had an accident at church. I had wanted to use a restroom located down some very wide stairs; when I had almost reached the bottom, I fell without any warning and landed in a very unhappy position. I called for help, but nobody heard me. I lay there and asked God for help. (The pain in one of my feet so overwhelmed me that thinking was very difficult.)

Finally somebody saw me lying there and tried to help me up. There wasn't much that could be done, because I couldn't bear any weight on my foot. I tried to crawl to the banister so I could pull myself up. I held fast to the thought that God is the only power, and that He never abandons His child under any circumstance. I hobbled along to the restroom, just a few steps from where I had been lying.

Shortly one of my friends came in but said nothing when she saw me. At first I was upset about this, for after all, she could see how things were. But I tried to maintain a sense of my unity with God. When I was about to leave, my friend said quietly, "Remember, dear, you can never fall out of grace." That helped me enormously, and I was so happy that she showed her compassion in such a supportive way. At the top of the stairs was my other friend, who had been waiting in the hall. She was quite concerned when she saw me. She didn't say much, but I knew she too had turned in thought to God, and was giving me prayerful support.

November 15, 1993

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