A good friend suggested I do something about my weight

A good friend suggested I do something about my weight. She reminded me it wasn't long before that we had worn the same dress size. I explained that I was doing something—I was not dieting or calorie counting but turning to prayer to bring about a needed adjustment in thought.

In Miscellaneous Writings Mary Baker Eddy writes, "The body is governed by mind; and mortal mind must be improved, before the body is renewed and harmonious,—since the physique is simply thought made manifest." I prayed earnestly to be shown how to "improve" thought, to recognize what I needed to eliminate from consciousness in order to be better governed by the one true divine Mind. There was much mental tillage that had to occur. Like a fastidious gardener who painstakingly removes waste and weeds from soil before planting tender bulbs, I had to remove the weeds of limited and mistaken concepts about God and man that seemed to be rooted in consciousness. This happened quite naturally as my grasp of the spiritual truth of being—that I was right then God's perfect spiritual likeness—grew stronger.

May 25, 1992

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