Keep your joy!

Real harmony has less to do with outward circumstances than with recognizing and rejoicing in divine Love's embrace of us.

Anyone who has sailed knows the importance of the keel, or centerboard. It serves to weight the boat sufficiently to give it stability in the wind. Even in rough seas and high winds, the keel or centerboard enables the sailboat to make headway and cut safely and surely through the water. The sailor depends on that centerboard. Without it, he couldn't possibly maintain his equilibrium or steer his course effectively. With it, he can sail with certainty and maintain his balance. A sailor would never try to sail without a centerboard.

Whether we are sailors or not, most of us could use a centerboard for our lives. We find it as we learn to trust in the unchanging, thoroughly reliable, and unfluctuating presence of divine Love more than in human considerations, feelings, and opinions. Human conditions can fluctuate and fail, while unchanging divine Love will guide us surely and safely through the deepest waters and heaviest seas.

Second Thought
May 11, 1992

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