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This week's Sentinel discusses some significant issues.

Responsibility for the environment—a spiritual watch

Increasingly businesses are taking up the demand to be environmentally responsible. This interview examines some of the spiritual resources that help meet that demand.

In a wilderness?

There's a wilderness of beauty we'd like to preserve. But what about wildernesses of fear and helplessness? Christ-healing replaces them with joy and strength.

Source of inspiration

How can inspiration ever stop?
We especially appreciate friends and family when we pull together in times of need. Church can be that kind of family—and more.
The following is the text of an announcement The Christian Science Board of Directors shared with employees at the Christian Science Center on March 9, 1992.

Going forward

It may not be part of typical career plans or most long-range forecasts. Yet the ability to move forward with our lives actually depends on our relationship to God.
Christlike living isn't a surrender to the sidelines of life. Christ Jesus called for active participants to bring to humanity what it still hungers for—scientific Christianity.
Testimony of Healing
I was raised in Christian Science and privileged to attend a Christian Science Sunday School until I went to college.
Testimony of Healing
One day my daughter was hit by a pickup truck in front of our house.
Testimony of Healing

During my teenage years I adopted an approach to social...

During my teenage years I adopted an approach to social relations that could be best classified as a first-rate doormat! I let everyone walk all over me.
Testimony of Healing
I wish to share gratitude to God for the healing efficacy of Christian Science.
If you've heard about Christian Science and are wondering what it teaches, there's a book that gives the complete and definitive explanation.

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