Suicide's not the answer

When all looks lost, our best option is to consider God's continuing love for us.

If you've been thinking about committing suicide, I guess you must be pretty unhappy. Maybe nobody knows—or can imagine —how awful things seem to you right now. But please believe me: you are not alone. I've been there too. So have other people. Each, for his or her own reasons, has considered what you're considering. Some have followed through with it, and who knows whether they have regrets; they aren't around to say. But others, like me, haven't followed through with it. I am around, and I'm very grateful now that I decided not to commit suicide.

I thought that if I told you what happened to me, and some of the things I learned, it might help you to see that you do have a choice, and that committing suicide's not a good one. God's love can reach and help you, right where you are.

Who am I?
March 2, 1992

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