There's a way of knowing what to do next

Suppose you have a big decision to make or an important problem to solve that looks pretty complex. You could spend a lot of time worrying. You could try to get the opinions of as many other people as possible (to see what they think you should do). You could make a detailed list of the possible pros and cons of taking various routes. But after all this, you still might not be certain about what you should do or how you should do it.

Turning to God for direction has become a first response for many people who've come to find that God is very real —and His guidance very tangible and practical. When you begin to understand that God is divine Mind, the Principle of all creation, as Christian Science teaches, you stop imagining that life is simply a guessing game or an experiment of trial and error. When you learn that you are God's child, His spiritual likeness, you know you aren't all on your own, having to somehow "come up with" what to do next.

"God is our refuge"
March 2, 1992

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