Listen to the liberating voice of Truth

Christian healing comes to those who hear accept the truth that God has made each of us in His likeness.

It was November 17, 1989, and the images from Prague were vivid. Crowds, massed shoulder to shoulder, were in Wenceslaus Square, shouting for their freedom. Students and workers waved tricolored flags in what has since been called the "velvet revolution." This was one gathering among many that fueled hope among Czechs in every city. The next week, after more than forty years of communist rule, the government fell.

In discussing this a year later, one eyewitness felt that it was the students' belief in freedom that made it all happen. Their elders had experienced the brutal repression of "Prague Spring" in 1968 and in the years following, and no longer felt freedom was possible. The students were a new voice, unfettered by past experience. They reached out to all the Czech people with their untainted faith in the power of freedom, and after a struggle their united efforts were rewarded for all.

July 15, 1991

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