Divine energies cancel burnout

Busy times often bring a variety of added tasks. But the real demand is always the same—to rely more on God.

Recently I saw a reading list of a dozen books on the subject of stress, all addressed specifically to musicians! Multiply that by all the occupations that exist, and you could fill a small library. As a musician I've noticed with sadness comments by prominent musicians, saying that they felt "burned out"—that they had, so to speak, reached the end of their rope.

Do we have to accept feelings of exhaustion and frustration as inevitable? Or do we have a choice? Christian Science teaches that we are, in fact, entitled to express energy, vitality, and joy. Choosing to do so may involve a new way of thinking about ourselves, but it's a way that is based solidly on the Bible's teachings and has made a practical difference in thousands upon thousands of lives. This new way of thinking about ourselves starts from a simple but profound premise: God truly is all-powerful, infinite good, and He created His offspring to be like Him; so man is actually spiritual and complete, not material and limited. This means that man possesses all good from God and reflects God's qualities.

Help for care-givers
May 20, 1991

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