Spiritual exploration

From earliest times there has been a thirst for the new and undiscovered. For instance, Peary and Amundsen explored the uncharted wastes of the Arctic and the Antarctic. The intrepid pioneer, whether in the physical or mental realm, blazes the path for others to follow.

In our century, men and women have traveled far out into space. Some have even walked on the moon. These individuals, through their courage and determination, have opened up vast new horizons of possibility for the human race. The American astronaut Michael Collins, who took part in both the Gemini and Apollo space programs, remarked: "It's human nature to stretch, to go, to see, to understand. Exploration is not a choice, really, it's an imperative." Kevin W. Kelley, ed., The Home Planet (Reading, MA: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company, 1988), p. 134 .

Better pets: a dog's tale
July 23, 1990

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