The adventure of demonstrating divine Love

Learning how to express love, right in the face of hostility and unpleasantness, is not always easy. But the spiritual rewards are tremendous.

MOST of us would welcome more adventure in our lives. In Christian Science one finds abundant opportunities for spiritual adventure—the adventure of proving the power of divine Love to free us from imprisoning material conditions, whether it be a threatened job, a broken or unhappy human relationship, a character flaw, or even a frightening illness.

I faced just such an opportunity when I was asked to stay on an extra two weeks in a temporary secretarial job to work for a businessman whose temper was forever straining at the leash. I had observed his sarcasm, rudeness, criticism, and impatience snapping at any passing heels. On a few occasions, when his secretary was at lunch, the heels had been mine. Having been out of the work force for many years, I was unsure of my skills, and, frankly, this man terrified me. I had reason to be grateful to the company, but I knew I couldn't work in an atmosphere of fear and hate.

May 21, 1990

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