FROM THE Directors

This week and next we will address the question of public ignorance of the scope of Christian healing in contemporary society. To the question "What more can I do?" our Leader, Mary Baker Eddy, offers her life as an example. One of her biographers wrote, "Her Christian success grew from her implicit obedience to what she discerned in Scripture as the word of God. There is need for Christian Scientists constantly to rededicate themselves to similar obedience and to the solemn task of Christian healing, so that the Discoverer of divine Science shall not have lived in vain." Julia Michael Johnston, Mary Baker Eddy: Her Mission and Triumph (Boston: The Christian Science Publishing Society, 1974), p. 181 .

The very practice of Christian healing—spiritual healing— which has roused controversy, also provides the answer. The works substantiating the words of our Master set a pattern for each student of Christian Science to be an effective witness to mankind of the healing power of divine Science. Society's concern is a valid one we all share. The sole way to meet this concern is by more healing, by undeniable evidence of Christ, Truth, at work today.

March 19, 1990

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