What's your level of "expectancy" for today?

Prayer that includes an active expectancy of good can have surprising results—even if you're stranded in an airport.

Just what is your expectancy level for today? Is it going to be a "good" day; a "so-so" day; a "ho-hum" day; or an "I'd rather-not-talk-about-it" day?

Before we go any further, let's join a business traveler at a major airport. Do you see him? He's standing over there in the middle of that whirling mass of people close to gridlock status. You notice how his shoulder bags are doing their best to slide off both shoulders at the same time? Over his head, the flight bulletin boards are all going crazy. "Canceled." "Delayed." "Change of gate." Every moment there's another change. To top it off, the unflappable voice of the flight announcer keeps rattling off a litany of even more changes.

Does God collaborate with "lady luck"?
May 1, 1989

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