Wake to the Christ and be healed

In times of suffering, the Christ is always at hand to wake us up. In Christ we find the law of healing.

At those wonderful times when healing comes quickly, even instantaneously, it is like waking from a dream. Prayer has made a breakthrough in our thinking, and suddenly we are conscious of our wholeness and freedom from the fear, the illness, the limitation, that had engulfed us. We realize at that moment that we're safe in God's loving care, and like one waking from a bad dream, we know the evil has no further hold on us.

Such healing experiences are instructive. They stay with us and inspire us to pray to understand more deeply the spiritual fact that evil is unreal. Through prayer and Christian living we can progressively grasp and demonstrate this spiritual fact. What enables us to wake from discord—in fact, what causes the awakening—is the presence of Christ, Truth, in human consciousness.

Real friends
November 21, 1988

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