Are we claiming our true citizenship?

Our real heritage is not national or cultural; it is spiritual.

Have you ever considered how much our environment appears to govern us? In many ways this is obvious; the Eskimo wears warm furs to shield himself from the cold, and those who live on the equator wear very little because of the heat. But on deeper levels, how much are we unconsciously governed by where we live?

Very often when asked where we live, we reply by stating the country, state, or town in which we reside. This in most instances gives a picture of our surroundings. New York may conjure up skyscrapers; London, the changing of the guard and the Houses of Parliament; Australia, wide-open spaces and surf beaches; Russia, cold tundra and Red Square. But what of the mental environment where we live? Are we unconsciously accepting limitations, false influences, and behavioral patterns imposed on us by our particular location on the globe?

June 29, 1987

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