The megatrend Spiritward

Irresistible divine forces are drawing us all to God, good, and to our original spirituality.

Demographic shifts in the United States from North and East to South and West. Economic restructuring from an industrial society to an information society. The swing away from centralization of industry and population to decentralization. Such is the stuff of discussions on megatrends in the eighties. See John Naisbitt, Megatrends: Ten New Directions Transforming Our Lives (New York: Warner Books, 1982), pp. 1-2 .

But a megatrend Spiritward? Actually, what I'm referring to is not merely the recent phenomenon of a rise in church attendance in some areas, the beginnings of a return to traditional moral values, or the upswing noted by pollsters in the number of people who say they have faith in God. The megatrend Spiritward is an underlying movement, a divine attraction, an unstoppable impulsion—infinite in its scope, perpetual in its operation, profound in its implications. It is God's drawing of mankind to Himself—to all that is good, perfect, spiritual; Deity's drawing of the individual to his original, uninterrupted spirituality.

Home at last
February 9, 1987

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