A special invitation

When holidays seem to be little more than one festivity after another, we naturally long for something more— a deeper peace and joy. But where do we go for that?

Holidays traditionally offer special times to spend with family and friends. We often receive invitations to parties and gatherings to celebrate our love and care for each other. But whether we think we'll be spending the holidays alone or among many family members, there is a standing invitation each of us should accept this season. It comes from the Bible, in the story of Noah. God tells Noah to build the ark and then says to him, "Come thou and all thy house into the ark; for thee have I seen righteous before me in this generation." Gen. 7:1.

When I read this verse one holiday season, it suddenly dawned on me that this invitation could be seen as not just for Noah but for each of us—all the time! I was filled with the promise held in these words, and as I gained a deeper understanding of this Biblical account, the whole holiday season took on a more peaceful and joyous meaning, which extended throughout the year.

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December 1, 1986

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