Rightly assessing the cost

If one needs help pricing material goods and services, there are computer programs, financial studies, and all kinds of comparisons available. But assessing the cost or value of spiritual understanding can be a lonely endeavor. Foresight, spiritual values, wisdom, self-sacrifice, can seem so intangible. Yet without them life would have no meaning. We must sort out the spiritual hunger that is natural to men and women from the flash and swirl of technological experimentation and marketing appeals.

To separate chaff from wheat, we need to go deeply in our analysis of what the world has to offer us. There is certainly enough material innovation to keep one fully occupied in the pursuit of material objects. But does this pursuit really offer us the Christianization and spiritualization of thought that heals the world? If we passively wait for human events to point us Spiritward, we'll make little progress in understanding the spiritual and moral forces that lie beneath the surface of human events.

January 7, 1985

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