A Gadarene testimony

Once I dwelt in the tomb of mental darknessamong the rocks of ignorance, fear, and sin—ranting in despair (but not too loudly)about the love-stripped, low state I was in;knowing naught of my true state of being(that man is God's own dear, beloved child);unaware that (in reality)thoughts from Him are pure and meek and mild.Then, dashing through the wilds of blinded thinking—striking out at a God I did not know—I too came face to face with Christly purityshining forth in the eyes of a God-sent friend.The impact of that glorious confrontationbrought me quietly, humbly to my knees,and—sitting at the feet of Christly teaching—I learned of Love's great power and was free.Gratefully now I wait here, God-directed,aware that the holy ground whereon I standis also where my brother's mental anguishshall be healed by Truth's divine command.And deep within our heart's desire and yearningsto know still more of God's pure, saving grace,we will move forward, joyfully proclaimingthat we have seen our Saviour face to face.


Drop your burden
January 7, 1985

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