A few summers ago, one hot and very humid...

A few summers ago, one hot and very humid evening in July, I returned home from work and grocery shopping. After quickly changing into some cool, comfortable clothing, I took the frozen food downstairs to our large freezer, located in the garage. Unknown to me, there was an electrical malfunction in the appliance, and when I attempted to open the freezer door, electricity surged through my body. My bare feet were grounded to the damp concrete floor; my grip on the handle of the freezer door could not be loosened. The food flew out of my left hand, and I remained grounded, electricity flowing through my limbs as I stood between the freezer and our car, the back of my legs against the bumper.

I was able to scream for help, but my husband was upstairs in another part of the house. Recognizing the extremity of my situation, which seemed out of human control, I realized the immediate necessity of turning thought to the only true source of power and control—God.

Testimony of Healing
One day I was looking for a very special key that belonged...
January 7, 1985

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