Destiny of Christianity: the demonstration of Science

Christianity teaches a love for one God; it proclaims ideals of brotherhood, justice, morality, individual integrity. But so do other major world religions such as Islam and Judaism. And these other faiths also have individuals who stand as vital figures in their history—men such as Mohammed and Abraham.

What is it that sets Christianity apart? How are Christ Jesus and the Christianity he founded unique? There is a difference—a profound one; it can be recognized most vividly in the magnitude of what Jesus did, not just in what he said. His life and works, including his resurrection and ascension, gave irrefutable evidence that what he said was true. The precepts he taught were rooted in something much deeper than anything human. Jesus' thoughts and actions were based specifically on ultimate, divine law.

Testimony of Healing
"The sharp experiences of belief in the supposititious...
April 25, 1983

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