Man's true selfhood—limited or limitless?

The divine Life expresses itself in all true being—limitless, without birth, maturity, or death, forever fresh and fair. And this divine Life is the origin and maintainer of man's life, which is subject to the laws of Principle alone and to none of the debilitating false laws of time, space, or physical nature.

Infinite Life is not chronological. Life as reflected in man is not measured by the passing of years, months, or days; nor is it numerically controlled or outlined. No, it is free of all mortal limitations; it is divine good ever appearing in consciousness. Life is Mind—immeasurable, All. As Mind's reflection, man is constantly and consistently governed by what Mind knows of man. The world's probing questions of "how much, how many, how long, and how little?"—the whole conspiracy of numbers and human plotting—must yield to God's resounding affirmation, "I am All!" Then peace, harmony, joy, abundance, freedom, will be fully recognized as ours, because we are His children.

The myth of mortality
April 25, 1983

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