Not wanted?

"We don't want you" is one of mortal mind's cruelest taunts. But it can go no further than being a suggestion if one recognizes that mortal mind can take no action against God's idea, man. To accept, even for a moment, that man could be judged and cataloged according to material standards and choices would subject us to those standards. Mortal feelings may argue that a missed promotion, a lost election, or even being left out of a desired social gathering shows that one is unwanted. But any such suggestion may be quickly routed by remembering that God establishes each of His ideas, and, as we read in Psalms, "The Lord is nigh unto them that are of a broken heart; and saveth such as be of a contrite spirit." Ps. 34:18.

"Never feel sorry for yourself," my grandmother used to caution us, and she was a firm exponent of her own advice. A study of Christian Science explains why this admonition is salutary and shows us how to deal with feelings of separation or any distressing situation. My grandmother knew nothing about Science, but in her refusal to indulge in self-pity she was also refusing to be governed by material happenings. Any other course would aver that man could be a victim of deprivation, lack, or rejection by his fellowman or by God.

Peace movement
December 5, 1983

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