Higher altitude

"Fasten your seat belts!" The pilot's voice came over the loudspeaker, and everyone in the plane immediately stopped talking and listened. He continued, "There is turbulent weather ahead, but we hope to avoid much of it by climbing to a higher altitude, above the storm." His reassuring voice did much to allay any fears of the passengers. Soon the plane had soared higher into blue sky, sunshine, and smooth flying.

When we encounter stormy trials in our lives, we need to change our position to a higher—more spiritual—altitude. It is important to see that the real and only creation, the spiritual universe, is in Mind, God. In this Mind, man, the perfect image and likeness of God, has his being. We need to deny the belief in a false, material creation where discordant human beings dwell in disturbed conditions. We can ascend in spiritual understanding and see the beauty and radiance of God's allness.

A gift we can give others
December 5, 1983

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