During my teen-age and early adult years, I felt extremely fearful...

During my teen-age and early adult years, I felt extremely fearful and shy. I also felt completely inferior to almost everyone with whom I came in contact. This problem interfered with many aspects of my life, including my career intentions. (I had wanted to be a court reporter.) I was studying Christian Science during this time, but the shyness and fear seemed severe, and my progress was very gradual. I didn't pray specifically to overcome these tendencies, but through my study of Science, as time went on I gained a spiritual view of God and man.

One incident stands out, for it proved to be a milestone in my healing of shyness. As a young woman I served on the collection committee in a large branch Church of Christ, Scientist. When I was asked by the executive board to serve as chairman of that committee, I quickly refused, for I didn't feel capable of conducting monthly meetings, although I was thoroughly familiar with the counting procedures. Also, the eighteen members on the committee were considerably older than I was. After praying about my decision for a few days, I realized I had made a mistake in declining the position, and I spoke with a member of the executive board. She told me that the board members always prayed about these appointments, and that they would be happy to have me accept the position. I enjoyed the work and was so grateful for the growth in Christian Science that it brought me.

Testimony of Healing
For several years I suffered from periodic attacks of gastritis
August 9, 1982

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