Some years back one morning I woke feeling I didn't want to...

Some years back one morning I woke feeling I didn't want to move so much as a finger. My mind, too, seemed unwilling to function. Turning to "the scientific statement of being" in Science and Health by Mrs. Eddy, page 468, I found it impossible to get beyond the first sentence: "There is no life, truth, intelligence, nor substance in matter." However, as I considered this line over and over again, I was eventually able to get up and dress. Though my neck and shoulders were stiff, it didn't occur to me to stay home from work.

It had taken me so long to dress and get my breakfast that there was no time for prayerful study. So I put a pocket-size copy of Science and Health in my purse, intending to read it on the streetcar during the hour-long ride to work. However, by the time I reached the streetcar, four blocks away, a headache had developed and I couldn't read. Although I was still holding to the truths in the first sentence of "the scientific statement of being," I felt I was not going to accomplish much that day; I'd have to take it easy.

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