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Some time ago, I suddenly noticed that I could no longer see...

Some time ago, I suddenly noticed that I could no longer see clearly. Later, an eye examination disclosed that a muscle in my right eye was paralyzed (reading was only possible with the left eye). The eye doctor whom I'd consulted because of driver's license requirments diagnosed a stroke and recommended lots of rest and patience—in other words, a resignation to the ailment.

After several weeks of patient waiting, during which, to be sure, I tried to solve this problem through Christianly scientific thinking, the condition remained unchanged. I then took a copy of the Bible as well as Science and Health and Mrs. Eddy's other writings and withdrew to a quiet vacation spot. There I researched such words as sight, spiritual discernment, and eye, in order to divest my thinking of fear. The wintry secluded spot became to me the "closet" Christ Jesus has spoken of, for praying in secret to the Father (see Matt. 6:6).

May 17, 1982

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