Since a testimony of mine last appeared in the periodicals, I have...

Since a testimony of mine last appeared in the periodicals, I have been healed of an apparent kidney infection, a painful back condition, influenza, food poisoning, and broken bones. Many dispositional traits have been redeemed, which has allowed me to be more flexible in handling situations. Christian Science has helped me combat the erroneous beliefs of aggression and unpleasantness widely accepted as part of inner-city living. Some of these difficulties were healed with the help of a Christian Science practitioner, but most solutions came through my own understanding of God. These experiences in no way have overshadowed—but in every way have enhanced—the joy, peace, and happiness that the study of this Science brings.

The healing of the painful back condition meant much to me. After I had been almost immobile for two days, a practitioner was called. Relief came almost instantly, for which we both were deeply grateful. However, two days later the condition returned with even more intensity. Again scientific truths, Bible passages, and a clear understanding of Christian Science were brought to bear with authority and expectation. The practitioner asked me to please call her if there was no improvement by eight o'clock that evening. Opening Mrs. Eddy's Miscellaneous Writings at random, I was led to study the article "Love Your Enemies" (see pp. 8-13). At eight o'clock the suffering seemed at its worst. But I declined to make that call because I knew the condition was not and never had been a reality. Some time later I woke from a peaceful sleep in total freedom. The condition has never returned.

Testimony of Healing
I sometimes used to wonder what my life would have been like...
October 11, 1982

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