Roommate hassles—healed

"I'm having problems with my roommate. He always ..." The sentence could end a hundred different ways. But when we plant ourselves decisively on the truths of Christian Science, we reach a unique conclusion—healing. When we persist in yielding our personal views of others to the thriving harmony of the Christ, we can see renewal and reformation in even the most unhappy situations. The Christ shows us that the real man is perfect.

Healing requires that we reject self-righteousness and give up trying to impose our human will on our roommates. Instead of resentfully feeling that our individuality is being squashed, we can assert man's spiritual, God-made selfhood. God knows man always as His perfect likeness, not a material counterfeit. Man's real being is completely good because it expresses God, the universal, eternal Mind. God is supreme good, governing through divine law. Allying ourselves with this fact—being persistent and consistent on the side of Truth—we'll find the troublesome situation will be righted, like a boat regaining its keel.

Want to change? You can
March 23, 1981

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