Acknowledging Mind's law of cohesion brings healing of facial wound

As a music student in a university, I often spent many hours in a practice room. One time, after I'd set down my instrument to take a break for a few minutes, I slipped and fell with great force on my chin. Immediately I sat up and declared that I could not fall out of God's presence; that my true being was never in a material body and was therefore untouched by material circumstances. I was holding on to my chin when I noticed there was a great deal of bleeding.

Loss of consciousness threatened, so I sang hymns until I felt calmer and able to walk down the hall to the restroom. No one else was around. I washed off my chin but refused to look in the mirror. I didn't want to be impressed by the mortal evidence. Instead, I took a damp towel back to the practice room and occasionally wiped off the chin while I finished practicing.

Testimony of Healing
Replacing physical with spiritual attraction
March 23, 1981

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