Harmonizing our moments

Have you ever wished it was some time other than the present or thought that as soon as a certain episode in your life is over, everything will be all right? We all have. But every moment can be holy, a time of joy. Often difficulties help us uplift our thoughts to perceive God and His creation as the only reality. Then the depressing shadows of material sense dissipate. As we are spiritualized in this way, we let God's law of omnipresent good operate in our lives, harmonizing each of our moments.

While I was in college, I had occasion to prove this to myself. I frequently wished away the hours. "If only it was two hours from now, that horrible exam would be over." "As soon as this problem is tackled, everything will be all right." "I wish I had an hour or two just to sit and do nothing." Obviously, such attitudes were not very productive or Godlike. One day a line from Mrs. Eddy's poem "The Mother's Evening Prayer" leaped off the page and slapped some sense into me. A line in the first verse reads, "O Life divine, that owns each waiting hour." Poems, p. 4. God, Life, owns each hour, each moment of being, I realized. I had been letting a false sense—posing as my thought—steal these moments and give them to fear, daydreams, idleness, and wastefull wishing.

Roommate hassles—healed
March 23, 1981

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