Learning to live with "miracles"

Let's consider an everyday kind of event. A woman was leaving the house one morning without a necklace she'd planned to wear but couldn't find. It didn't seem worth praying about. If she didn't find the necklace then, she'd find it later. The day before had been different. She was to give a talk and was almost frantic when she couldn't find the car keys. There wasn't time to search. She prayed, and after thinking through what Mrs. Eddy gives in Science and Health (p. 468) as "the scientific statement of being" and yielding to its spiritual truths, she began dumping out a wastebasket and "miraculously" found her keys in that unlikely spot.

Now, a day later, when starting out the door without the necklace, she remembered the keys and felt a little guilty. It was disorderly to be always losing things. And wasn't it trivial, even a little vain, to pray about the necklace—why bother God about such little things?

Decisions that heal
March 23, 1981

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