Spiritual honesty

One temptation of human thought is to become so absorbed in the beauty of Truth, as revealed in Christian Science, that we lose sight of the need for immediate demonstration. Without that realistic sense of the here and now, and the impulse to see Truth manifested, the contemplation of Truth can become mere idleness. Spiritual honesty and humility keep those who strive for Truth aligned with reality. These indispensable virtues cause us to keep in check all beautiful thoughts that don't take root in the testing ground of experience.

Daily we may grapple with the larger, ultimate truths of being as taught in Science. These truths have a "cutting edge" when truly grasped. Yet thought will often soar beyond what is actually in our hands, letting the mere act of contemplation seem like all there is to do. The savoring of ultimate spiritual truth can be of great value. But it must incline us toward the grace that purifies, heals, and saves. The oneness of God's universe, the unreality of matter—these truths are made flesh in humble-but-actual demonstrations of truth. With every step we hunger to understand the whole of Christian Science. We may commit ourselves to this end. Yet we are really committed only as we are willing to ask ourselves, "What can I actually demonstrate now?"

Mustard seed
November 2, 1981

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