Deal with the resistant belief

Sometimes the simple affirmation of God's goodness and the emptiness of all claims of evil, deeply felt and specifically related to some illness, will quickly heal. But what if the problem seems to hang on, or to only half diminish? That's not the time to give in. It's a call to extend our understanding of God, Love, and of man, God's expression. And, correlatively, to have that understanding seen to be modifying our character as it spiritualizes our thought.

Love is always an element in healing, because God is Love, and it is God that heals. God's love lasts. Sin and disease express the mortal belief that God's love has lapsed or doesn't exist. But God's love never fluctuates. It never ebbs or flows, though our sense of it may. If we're up against a resistant error, then perhaps we should review what we truly comprehend of Love. There is no such thing as loveless Christian Science treatment. There is no one who, in his God-expressing selfhood, is outside the circumference of Love. There is no one who lacks the ability to progressively prove this if he is willing to accept and live by the stringent demands of Truth.

Remember, God is All
January 12, 1981

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