Foundation for marriage

Christ Jesus' parable of the two houses—the one built on sand and crumbling under stress, the other solidly based "upon a rock," Matt. 7:24; thereby withstanding the storm—well illustrates why some marriages last and others dissolve. Some collapse like the first house because they were not founded on a secure spiritual basis. In answering the question "What do you think of marriage?" Mrs. Eddy said, "That it is often convenient, sometimes pleasant, and occasionally a love affair." Miscellaneous Writings, p. 52; If we judge by the high divorce rate in many countries, we might say that being "convenient" or "pleasant" or even "a love affair" is not sufficient to hold a marriage together. These are wobbly foundations, indeed.

What are some factors that contribute to a solid foundation? Gratitude, for one. We can be grateful that since God is the perfect creator of all, His individualized reflections are complete and whole. Because the universe is ordered by divine Principle, nothing vital to man, whether completeness, health, or supply, can be left out or misplaced. Soul eternally and impartially expresses joy, love, and satisfaction in all its children. Divine Life and its idea, man, are fulfilling and fulfilled now, and no human evidence can annul that spiritual fact.

Man—complete reflection
August 25, 1980

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